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Company profile

Qingyuan city jiangling automobile sales co., LTD. Is a company engaged in car sales、Auto parts sales、Car beauty、Car maintenance and repair of the general taxpayer enterprises,Was established2004Years1Month20Day,Jiangling motors co., LTD、Jiangling risk control lu companies unified authorization in qingyuan region jiangling automobile series product sales targets。By my company since the establishment of the existing staff82People,There are professional jiangling of sales staff members、A sound financial and perfect maintenance service personnel。Since the establishment of the company is carried out“Very pleased to customers as the center”The management idea,Maintenance management completely in line with international standards,The integration of computer science and management company,And actively guide the ford motor company in the global standard of service——“Service2000”And jiangling motors at home“JMC CaresService system”,In the standardization of the maintenance site5SManagement system,Ensure that use advanced specification process for the general customers to provide more thoughtful、More satisfied、More professional and more personalized service;We have always firmly believe that with the customer's success is our success;With the success of the employees,The success of the enterprise;Realize the value of the enterprise and the staff in the dedication。

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The name of the company:Qingyuan city jiangling automobile sales co., LTD

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The company address:Qingyuan city107National highway horizontal load before crossing the silver light direction1500M left(In opposite the cable works)

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